"The decision was tough, but as the night drew to a close the winner for the evening was Tina B. Her stature is short, but her words made her a giant."
- Richard White, The Panter

"When it comes to her poetry, Tina Sylvester (Tina B) doesn’t wait for the muse whisper inspiration: her pen is for hire."
-Chrystal Houston, Mays Business School

"Our students surprise us daily. But once in a while, a student will cross your path that makes you sit back and reflect. Last year, we met one such student. She performed at the Aggie 100 Awards Luncheon this year... Her name is Tina Sylvester (Tina B)."
- Lanea Huebner, Texas A&M University

"Tina B is exactly what you'd want a performance poet to be: observant, eloquent, charismatic and able to keep your interest long enough to make you realize that, despite all of the goofy stereotypes you want desperately to apply to the slam poetry genre, it is legit."
- Shae Serrano, Houston Press

"She is a great artist!"
- Damian Lillard, NBA Player