- Freelance
Tina B's freelance poetry is what you typically hear at concerts and spoken word events she's performed in. Her signature pieces "Mic Check" and "Pray for Me" are some of her best examples of freelance work as they highlight Christian plights many are faced with.

- Custom Works
Tina B's custom poems are written on demand by her clients to celebrate birthdays, graduations, retirements, and other special occasions. These custom poems are typically performed live, but can also be written and/or studio recorded as significant alternatives or add-ons.

- Custom Romance Poems
Tina B has paired with the phenomenal and reknowned poet ShySpeaks to offer Heartspeaks, an experience of custom romance poetry and music performed live for weddings, anniversaries, and proposals. Pick a poet (Tina B or ShySpeaks) and get ready to experience spoken word poetry to help you remember your special occasion for a lifetime. More information can be found HERE:


With a BS in Construction Science and a Masters in Marketing from Texas A&M, Tina B has worked over 10 years in the Commercial Construction Industry to build over 10 heathcare facilities across Houston and the DFW metroplex.  From unemployment to leadership, Tina B shares personal skills necessary for sustained success in any career, the perks and stings of working in the construction industry, and how to foster a better working environment by embracing the diversity of co-workers.  Her experiences, passion, and creative play on words make her presentations unlike anything you've ever seen or heard.


1. Career Foundations: The What's and The Why's

2. Commercial Construction: What's the Big Buzz About Anyway

3. Embracing Diversity the Right Way


Learn effective techniques from Tina B's notable "Scribble Scratch" Creative Writing Workshops and her "Speak Easy" Public Speaking Workshops. Each workshop is approximately 45 minutes and are suitable for ages 14+.


1. "Scribble Scratch" A Creative Writing Workshop for Poets

2. "Speak Easy" A Public Speaking Workshop



"The decision was tough, but as the night drew to a close the winner for the evening was Tina B. Her stature is short, but her words made her a giant."
- Richard White, The Panther
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