Poem: Mic Check

This poem was written to remind Pastors, Teachers, Poets, Worship Leaders, Choir Members, Singers, Rappers, and all other verbal and lyrical representatives of God to be humble with our gift.  He is the voice.  We're just His microphone and small players in His sovereign will.  Don't go ego-trippin'; get your ego checked.  #MicCheck

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Mic Check

Written by Tina B

© Copyright Tina B Poetry. 2008. All rights reserved.


You’re just a vessel
An empty tube
Until I breathe into you
Words that live through traveling vibrations
Traveling across nations

How can a man hear unless one tells another,
Who tells another,
Who tells another,
Who tells another,
About my salvation

See, my words travel
You’re just a piece of the puzzle
My beautiful vessel;
But you’re just a disposable frame that’s only as great as the One who’s using it
I’m looking for a dead mic with no static feedback
So I can feed my congregation without confusing them
It’s an indescribable music when
Brass and woodwinds play their own specific part
But listen to one conductor of the intricate orchestra

So whether you stay laced and polished like professional Sterlings
Or maybe you keep it simple like a toy mic for kareoking
I’m just looking for a yielded object so I can get a word in
Then out
And heard among the multitude
You must’a heard what I can do

I can take a staff and divide water
Turned water into wine
Killed one of the tallest giants
With one of the smallest rocks
I locked a lion’s jaw
My spit can give you sight
So when I grip your mic…
I spit flames in it

My lyrics are the burning bushes
But my love hides you from the burns
My bio’s in the Bible
Go back and ask the (three) Hebrew boys

I am the amplifier
I am the tweeter
I am the bass in the speaker
I am far more than “Missy rippin’ needles off the meter”

I am the official mic checker
Checkin’ yo ego
The clay breaker
Crushing anything unlike Me
I Am

Of divine strength in the brink of a moment when you’re weak and feeble
Better yet, I am that brink
You know?...That edge that keeps you
That leash that yokes you
Tight about your neck without choking you
I Am

I am as a gold maker
Placing his precious metal in a piercing fire until it’s refined
(That would be you)
I am undefined and infinite
So is my mind and my intentions
I Am

I am morning
I am night
I am not just alpha and omega
But everything in between
I am beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta
And it is still I from xi,
To phi, chi, psi, and then omega

I am the great
I Am
How dare you stand
There and think without Me you can
When it’s my grace that’s kept you,
My mercy that’s held you,
And my love that allows you to open your mouth loudly
My dear child and microphone vessel

For every time you tap the mic to test audibility and clarity
Know that I simultaneously tap into your spiritual awareness
Checking for complete submission and humility

So before you begin your poetry
Take the time
Look within
You’ll find Me

Mic Check