Poem: Pray for Me

This poem was written to highlight some of the initial challenges many face after accepting Christ.  It was written to encourage long-time Christians to pray for those who are new to the faith, and for us to provide continued love toward one another with gentleness. (2 Timothy 2:14-26).  

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Pray for Me

Written by Tina B

© Copyright Tina B Poetry. 2014. All rights reserved.


I can't fight this feeling
I’m so tired of pretending things are normal when
My path really ain’t the straightest
And my choices aren’t always the greatest
In fact they're considered wayward
I’d be favored among sinners and strayed men
Aye man,
I’m just trying to press my eyelids and hands
Bow my head, say “Amen”
And be approved
Who knew life for me would be so cruel
No one ever told me about Christian persecution


They’d say my battle ain’t with myself, or with any other man
Instead it’s with powers and spiritual principalities
That I don’t really understand
All I know is that I’m struggling to do the right thing
‘Cause evil is always with me
Persistently pushing me
Testing me
Trying me
Tempting me


And each fall, I get weaker
My temper gets thinner
Temptation gets harder
Wisdom, farther
I feel far from the Father
Patience becomes complacent in this devastating state of hopelessness
I can’t help but feel helpless
‘Cause folks are selfish with their blessings
I’m screaming out for a rope
To save me
Persuade me
Help me cope
No joke
This struggle thing is sucking so much from within me
My legs
My steps
When I breathe, it’s my breath
Everything gets weak
It seems
I get up
Just to fall again
I stand
Just to stumble more
Cyclical sinning has my life spinning like a revolving door
Painful chapters pack my life’s folklore
But fictitious fairy tale smiles
Keep the truth concealed inside
The fight within continues
Tangled nerves
Twisted sinews
Fighting for freedom from sin’s captivity
It’s funny
When I wanna do right
Evil is right there with me


Why is following Christ so costly
I came as I was but wasn’t ready for all this change
Trying to spend time with whom I’m supposed to,
I’ve bankrupted on friends I was close to
I broke habits and compounded my interest to learn more of Him
But now I’ve got more lonely days than I was banking for
This is expensive
To be set apart from the bulk and individually wrapped in Christ…
This life
It’s expensive walking in repentance
Don’t tell me about conviction
Without defining the difference
To a life converted
If I’m hurting, will you encourage me if I fall
Even if its seven times
Please, get the log out of your own eye before you reach for the speck in mine
I’m talking for real, will you do more
Than whisper, “Welcome to our church” then watch me wallow in my sores
I. Need. Help.
Love me more, and judge me less
Willing is my spirit but weak is my flesh
My flesh
It grows like cells, divided
Occupying spaces it has no business
It is cancerous, to the Body
Flesh. Cancerous. To the Body.
Can you show me how fasting is the chemo to such a spiritual affliction
Be honest
Do you even know
Cause if I’m a babe in the faith
Then how can you train a child in the way that he should go?


This poem wasn’t written with intentions to offend
It’s just to challenge your balance
Of practical advice with your spiritual influence
Do they walk in congruence
Keep your pride, give me proverbs
Give me prudence
Give me patience when you break it down
Can you be gentle?
Can you milk me the Word, because for now my taste buds are simple
And I haven’t yet acquired the desire of lamb
I just want Him who says, “I am”


I am telling you,
Sin lies in wait at my door
Death, jail, and divorce
Is surprising my family by storm
Can you strip from your fancy church clothes
And give me the explicit gospel some more
I need truth!
Not like brood viper Pharisees
Who’s lives are like fish drenched in sauces of hypocrisy
I don’t wanna be a person,
Who knows how to jump real high during praise and worship
But can’t walk real straight when things are far from perfect
The purpose of this poem is to ask you to do the same
Can you give a helping hand and give glory to His name at the same time?
I’m talking for real
Without hypocracy
Without the games
I’m not asking for you to play with me,
I’m asking you
To pray for me.