Watch my latest video "#StayRighteous”

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the largest christian poetry event in the usa!!

Guess what! I was invited to share poetry at the largest Christian Spoken Word Event in the World!! The event seats over 3,000 people and this year was my second appearance. Presented by Passion for Christ Movement (P4CM), this annual event has been created to deliver the gospel through sincere, jaw-dropping, and unforgettable spoken word by poets from across the country. Watch the video!

new poem: #stayrighteous

As a featured artist of #RHETORIC2018, I shared my newest poem #StayRighteous as a challenge for people to feel justified in anger regarding social injustices, but while we're angry, to peruse holiness and godliness, and to #StayRighteous. This is by far my most controversial piece. It's definitely something to listen to, think about, consider, and respond to. Watch the video to hear and see my message about racism and religion.

new arrivals: #Stayrighteous shirts and wristbands!!

After recently performing my latest poem #StayRighteous at #RHETORIC2018, many have asked how to get their hands on a #StayRighteous t-shirt and wristband. Well, the wait is over. Head over to my Store Page and order what you'd like! Thanks so much to all who have continued to support me and the messages I promote through the years. Sincerely.